New American Maglev

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A new American system of Magnetic Levitation for smooth, quiet, efficient rail transportaion is being developed. It employs permanent magnets (PM) for zero power continuous suspension. It does not require reaching under the rails to pull up (German design) nor refrigeration for superconducting magnets (Japanese design). Vertical U-shaped elements bridging each rail couple magnetic flux into both sides of each rail. This allows control flux to be differentially controlled, approaching zero power when centered. This control flux is "magnetically biased" by the PM flux already present, amplifying the lateral force to counter wind loading and curves.

This motor is a new type of D.C. brushless traction motor, originally developed at NASA in rotary form. It allows both the armature and the field magnet to be on-board the 'locomotive.' The pole structure along the track is totally passive steel. Only those poles beneath the vehicle at anytime are energized by the on-board magnets.

The energy source for this motor may be naturalgas-diesel/electric or turbine/electric. Batteries or supercapacitors permit dynamic braking to recover energy for the next start.

Low maintenance is assured by the distributed loading and non-contacting suspension and propultion. The smooth, quiet, high-speed ride will be appriciated by the ridership and surrounding communities it passes through.


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