Vanquish Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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The Vanquish is a scalable unmanned aerial vehicle, designed to transport personnel, wounded personnel and equipment and can perform surveillance and scout/attack missions. Though the vehicle was primarily designed for the Military, it has many civilian uses, especially in areas of medical evacuation and emergency supplies delivery in remote and dangerous areas.

The Vanquish is a coaxial-rotor, coaxial-pusher propeller aircraft that is designed to have vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities, while still being able to fly at speeds in excess of 250 knots. The aircraft is designed to use its main rotor system primarily for VTOL use and directional control. The transmission is managed to ensure that the main rotor blades never exceed the speed of sound (retreating blade stall). In forward flight, the primary propulsion is from the rear coaxial propeller and additional lift is created from the small airfoils, which also are used for directional control at cruise speeds.

The main rotor system is “encased” by the fuselage, lessening the chances of a main rotor blade strike or someone accidentally walking into the rotor system (size dependent).


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