Squeezzz Lane

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“Squeezzz Lane”

(The Virtual Car Pool Lane)

Copyright 2012
Joe Anderson – Illinois, USA

Roads in cities around the world are becoming more congested. The demand for travel exceeds the capacity of our existing roads. Cash and land shortages restrict governments’ ability to expand roads.

Traffic congestion is a huge waste of time and fuel. To reduce the time we all spend on the roads, we need to increase the capacity of our existing roads. Since the 1970’s several states have installed HOV lanes (High Occupancy Vehicle) or car pool lanes to increase road capacity. These were a big success for those areas that had the space to install the extra HOV lane.

“Squeezzz Lane” brings these benefits to many more areas at essentially no cost. Using technology we can bring a HOV lane to your city.

Since the average width of car has decreased, and the width of lanes has stayed constant, “Squeezzz Lane” should be instituted around the world to save fuel and time.

“Squeezzz Lane” increases existing road capacity at no cost to the government.

“Squeezzz Lane” is a smart phone application that allows a driver to locate other nearby drivers that can and want to share a “Squeezzz Lane”. These vehicles will be confirmed for acceptable width upon registering on the “Squeezzz Lane” web site.

Whenever the traffic speed on a road with 3 or more lanes drops to below 15 mph, the left 2 lanes become “Squeezzz Lanes”.

“Squeezzz Lanes” allow 3 cars across 2 lanes. When vehicle speed returns to above 25 mph, the cars return back to driving 2 cars across.

The lanes to the right of the “Squeezzz Lane” remain as standard lanes for vehicles wider than six feet.

A driver that wishes to “Squeezzz” would activate the “Squeezzz Lane” application on their smart phone.
The application would then voice announce (push technology) the location and description of the nearest cars wanting to “Squeezzz”.

For example: “Back- Red Prius”, “Front – Blue Vibe”
The other 2 cars would get similar messages. The 3 cars would follow the “Squeezzz Lane” rules to merge together.

Eventually, when all drivers are aware of the benefits of “Squeezzz Lane” capacity of our roads will increase and everyone will benefit.

The result will be savings of millions of gallons of fuel and hours of engine idling and improve the overall efficiency of the transportation of people and goods, all of this at minimal cost. Copyright 2012


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