Vision Intelligence Traffic Automated Lights

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Vision Intelligence Traffic Automated Lights

The VITAL system will controls traffic lights based on vision sensors and analysis of information. Will help to make traffic more fluid, generating savings to drivers and reducing unnecessary pollution by reducing gas consumption.

The system will be based on “Intelligent” nodes. A node on each street intersection, “an Intelligent traffic control officer,” these will control the traffic lights in each direction. The nodes communicate with each other via a wireless network. The communication allows updating information on traffic and related issues. The nodes can send information to the other nodes on how many cars, how fast and in which direction they are traveling.

Uses GPS, to get real time coordination and position. The position is used to calculate distances and/or speed, to identity nodes positions, related position to other nodes, to update configuration in case of a detour made by accidents or special events.

Logs information of the statistics obtained for further analysis and/or computer simulations, accident statistics analysis or scene recreation.

Controls the traffic using different algorithms based on conditions or as a result of processed analysis.

Use cameras to identify cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, etc.

Detect stolen (reported vehicles) based on plate, or description.

Issue speeding tickets.

Adapt to changing environment: time, date, rain, snow, emergencies, and holydays.

Works totally automated, but can be overridden if needed.

Do not need cables for centralized control.

Can work with solar panels and/or backup batteries .

Bidirectional communication with public transport, transit officers or emergency vehicles, towing trucks, etc. optional.

Help issuing alerts by low speed, accidents, stopped vehicles or non standard operation.

Store video for later use if needed saving bandwidth if real-time transmitting not used.

Uses of “metadata” gather from video analysis for information transmitting to get bandwidth savings, plate or description identification.

Modular design takes advantage of technology prices going down, can be upgraded as saving or revenue increases.

Open architecture design and standards proposed to be used.


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