Expandable Vehicle

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A patent pending design that allows to expand a vehicle - trailer, van or a truck above 300% compared to the initial surface and volume.

Project's phase: a working prototype has been used in several fields - construction, racing, educational and entertaining. It is registered and has been on the road for thousands of miles. (See links to videos and website below.)


Vehicle walls are hinged for the floor and when open outwards and down, become floors for the extensions. Meanwhile, they start pulling down telescopically folded in each other roof components, located immediately under the roof, as the inner one is bolted to the vehicle's wall and the outer one, for the upper beam of the vehicle. The front and back beams of the roof components are intersecting. The result is weather tight enclosure.

Here are the advantages compared to the existing solution:

- larger expanded area
- vehicle's floor and interior always remains available for transporting and using equipment while in transportation mode.
- simpler and less expensive and more reliable mechanics of expanding
-faster deployment
- curved and shingle wise roof components make the structure extremely sturdy and resistant to the elements.
-the only design that allows mounting solar panels on the roof components, which are completely protected during transportation.( as folded inside the vehicle) This makes the unit completely energy self-sufficient.

As seen on the videos and website (with the links bellow) the design is applicable to many other fields.

google website:

Contractor’s clip


birthday party


haiti modular building




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