Two-Wheel/MagLev Car

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Imagine getting into your two-wheel car, backing out of the driveway with taxi gear that steers with the front wheel, extended. Once you’re moving down the street, the taxi gear retracts smoothly into the lower chassis, which is similar to a motorcycle.

The upper chassis like an airplane, and floats on a super soft suspension between the two chassis. At the top, is a hardpoint, where there is attached an assembly that hangs the vehicle under a maglev rail.

Drive under the entrance ramp to the local network, which accelerates the vehicle to 40 or 50 mph, and merges into the computer-controlled traffic. Enter your destination into the computer, and relax. The ramp from the local rail, to the highway accelerates the vehicle to 300 mph.

There’s no concern about slow vehicles, emergency vehicles, animals or children on the road, getting lost, slippery road, visibility, traffic jams, . . . All vehicles go the same speed, controlled by a central computer. Each vehicle returns data to alert the system of maintenance concerns, and repairs or adjustments are made immediately by a robot or automatically adjusting parts.

The exit ramp decelerates the vehicle to merge with the local traffic at the slower speed. As you come to your exit point, if you’re not at the controls, and ready, the computer takes you around the block. The exit ramp decelerates you and sets you down like an airplane landing. Then drive to Grandma’s house.


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