Solar/Hydraulic Regenerative Power Assist for Heavy Truck

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With up to 35% fuel saving and meeting ISO 50001 standards, this system would assist in power management of Heavy Truck tractor trailers.

1st) Solar panels are located on 3 sides of the boxed trailer to continuously charge onboard batteries, either stationary or in motion. This power is electronically controlled and released through 2 onboard trailer motors (rear hubs) during travel to increase MPG.

2nd) Solar panels have a dimple pattern surface to reduce air drag in order to engineer a more slippery surface and increase MPG. The dimples would also increase the capacity of the solar panels and increase MPG.

3rd) Battery pack is integrated in the underbelly of the trailer and is aerodynamically enclosed to reduce drag coefficient and enhance MPG.

4th) Hydraulic assist brake system is added to the tractor's rear axles. This aids in the stop and start of the vehicle. While brakes are applied, pressure is built up in the brake system and causes drag/stopping force. Upon start-up/acceleration, the pressure is released to assist in acceleration, greatly reducing fuel usage and increases MPG. Hydraulic pressure vessels tanks are added to underside and back of the tractor. Hydraulic pumps are integrated with the rear axles of the tractor for traction during both braking and acceleration.

With the high cost of diesel and immense mileage and use of trucks for transportation, this Solar/Hydraulic Assist System can change the environment and world as we know it. This technology can also be engineered to fit the auto, bus and other transportation industries.

Thank you and regards,
Auto/Truck Guru,
Thomas G. Janesz
ME/SrQE/Six Sigma


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