"Dr. J " Lightweight Multifunctional Urban Transport

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As we know, bikes have been an important form of transportation used by civilization for centuries and have helped in moving their users in a lighter and faster way to their destinations. They are seen today as one of the best solutions to the problems of transport and transit in cities, and as a way of taking care of the planet.

Hence arises the idea of the Dr. J Tricycle project that merges the benefits of cycling, and three important elements of today: protection, multi-functionality and style.

Taking Care. Due to population growth, the use of large transport is increasing, causing more accidents and less space for each unit. Climate change has seriously affected stations and on one day we can get various changes of weather.

Multi functionality. Because as long as the greater the possibilities of using an object, the greater the benefits that the user gets.

Style. Because a projection of eye-catching surfaces becomes a desired object.

"Dr. J" is an innovative proposal that gives a total twist to the traditional use of tricycles (in configuration "DELTA INVERSE") and elevates it to a concept more attractive and safer for urban use. The design provides different use options to suit the activities and environment of people.

Is a hybrid tricycle (electric-human) consisting of rechargeable batteries for moving faster and less tiring if necessary. Its body is primarily made of composite plastic, and has an inflatable plastic tire cover that can easily be peeled off by a compressor that is integrated into the rear of the seat. With this the user can be protected from intense sun, rain or any other environmental factors.

Its two front tires, which provide higher protection level as well as to the rider in case of a possible impact, consist of a mechanism that allows them to bend 180 degrees backwards, and a handle that collapses for easy way to save and / or transfer .

The handlebar has a display that informs the state of battery charge, speed and distance, plus a support for connecting a mobile phone for listening to music or use it as GPS.

Last but not least, users can integrate accessories to the trike, like a baby seat in the front of the handlebars where the child is safe and protected by the front wheels and covered (with the tent if it is in use) by the tent; or a platform for different trunk type objects.

The change that needs our planet begins with small great ideas, and Dr. J Trycicle is the stylish and friendly to environment in process.


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