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Electrical Bike with Solar Disc Wheel

This concept bike is a design challenged by today's pursuit of greener transportation devices. It is capable of running on battery power, on power from sun light, by pedaling or a combination of these.

Without compromising from the aesthetic and ergonomics an innovative design of photovoltaic cells modified wheels provide the energy to charge the batteries. Hence, by using the advantage of large surface area of the disc wheel as photovoltaic cells’ location, bike’s aerodynamic and morphology is maintained.

-How does the solar disc wheel work and transfer electricity?
The solar disc wheel consists of photovoltaic cells coated with special film which collects sun light coming from every angle and also provides protection to the photovoltaic cells from vibration or damage from dust and particles. The electricity generated by the photovoltaic cell and transmitted to the wheels’ special hub. This hub has two connection joints just like regular but these connection points also act as the positive and negative polar. The left side of the wheel’s hub is negative and the right side is positive. So, left chain stays carries the negative cable, right chain stays carries positive cable for transfer electricity to the charger.

-How do the bike and the gear system work?
The bike runs on an electrical high powered brushless motor assisted mode with an automatic speed gear mechanism. To start the electrical motor, just pedal and the motor starts automatically. To increase the speed just pedal at desired speed. The sensors of the motor will recognize the wheel’s rpm and will adjust the speed automatically to it. To decrease the speed, brake and the sensors will recognize the wheel’s rpm and reduce motor’s rpm. To stop the motor, full brake and the sensors recognize the bike stops and cut the electricity automatically.

-How does the drive train work?
The brushless motor replaces bottom bracket and rotates the automatic speed gear mechanism. Automatic speed gear mechanism has rubberized shaft, direct contact through tires. The rubberized shaft has strong spring tensions always pushing it towards the tire. Therefore, the bike has chainless, silent drive for smooth ride with low maintenance.

-What happens when the batteries are out?
You can still ride your bike by pedaling. Automatic speed gear mechanisms will still work. Since it does not need electricity, it works mechanically.

-How to charge batteries?
Photovoltaic cells on solar disc wheel will provide electricity to charge the batteries under enough sun light. Whenever you pedal, brushless motor also will charge the batteries. You can also charge your batteries using a charger plugged to a regular household electricity plug.

Enjoy your ride :)


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