High Efficiency Diamond Coatings

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Spherical NanoDiamond coatings offer exceptional levels of safety in the restricted markets of Aerospace, Avionics, Jet Aircraft, Helicopters, Sea going vessels and Railroad. Ultra hard and slick diamond coatings applied to Commercial and Military gasoline, diesel, LPG and jet engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, cables, gimbals and wheel bearings not only protects against part failure, treated parts have lasted up to 30 times longer than possible with chemical lubrication. An added benefit is increased fuel efficiency upto 60% in multi point treatments.

Metal on metal contact is virtually eliminated and in the case of jet engines and landing wheel bearings, effortlessly gliding, cool surfaces of diamond against diamond are essential, as represented in the short video presentation of diamond coatings vs grease. One goal is to reduce or remove the current requirement for toxic jet engine oil blended into Jet fuel, and provide superior lubrication with non toxic Diamond Coatings. In the case helicopter rotor hub, bearing and gear box failure, these diamond coatings continue to run dry without the need for oil or grease – allowing the gears and bearings to “Roll On” and bring the troops home safely. In RailRoad, and evident by the thousands of hot box detectors nationwide required to alert the conductor to hot bearings that could instantly seize, causing a wreck. Diamond coated bearings run cool, even under extreme pressures, making this treatment ideal for the new Pod drives on Sea going vessels and tugs.

This new form of Nanomaterial requires a specialized, patented Plasma Reactor and unique production protocols unlike those used in known nanomanufacturing. As the material is also heretofore unknown in the scientific literature, comparison production costs are not possible, however the benefits of treatment consistently outweigh the low product cost. Everyone could benefit using this spherical NanoDiamond treatment and market potential as a universal friction modifier is worldwide. Available lubricants rely on chemicals and compounds which break down over time, however these particles being diamond withstand 3-4 Million PSI and working temperatures range from absolute zero to 2000F, and their average size has been measured from .1-4 nanometer.

Add NanoDiamond rich carrier oil to bearings, gearboxes or Engines and system friction will embed the particles into contact friction surfaces. As the particles embed, metal on metal contact gradually disappears along with friction and associated heat. For a fraction of the replacement cost of the part treated, part life can be extended by up to 30 times over using current lubrication.

Other benefits are sustained automation, prevention and reduced injuries, improved public safety and security, saves time and money, alternative energy solution through friction reduction, reduces use of natural resources and directly leads to other energy improvements.

Being diamond, this new NanoMaterial is biologically inert and has been tested by the Stanford Medical Center under contract by the US Navy and determined safe. This NanoMaterial also written of in Chemical Engineering, Horological Journal, Gun Digest, Gun Tests, Boat Modeler, Chicago Tribune and several others. SEM image at 100,000X magnification.



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