The Chamaleon Wheelchair (Variable Position Wheelchair)

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Various are the reasons why a person uses a wheelchair. sometimes for a short time (a rehabilitation) and others, unfortunately, for a lifetime. People who use a wheelchair usually run into a number of factors external to their own injury. that limit, inconvenience, and sometimes prohibit increases the lesion, increasing physical and emotionally deterioration The main factors which are seek to resolve our chair: comfort, security, social integration and ergonomics.

The chair proposed achieved to adapt to different needs, different types of injuries, and different types of lifestyles and activities, or to be performed. The multiple configurations that allow the design of it contributes to the rapid improvement in rehab recovering and improves the living standards of the permanent user of it.

May be considered as a system that can be built, articulate and complement, and adapt according to need and liking. In the field of ergonomics: it has adult standard measures, but can be adjusted to the physiognomy, weight and type of injury the end user. In the field of comfort: it is considered an electric chair/manual as it has a group of small motors integrated into the wheel bearings, and a battery pack that can be removed to recharge or just to lighten the chair in manual mode.

To be one system. Can vary the position of the eccentric wheel and fitted with electro/ thermal gel cushions to the bottom of the waist and legs. This helps to improve circulation in the injured areas either for early rehabilitation or to prevent further deterioration.

Its system of fulcrums, levers and rails allow you to change the configuration of the wheels and seat, and improve the center of gravity between various positions: a) REST b) transfer c) work in office d) vertical elevation (allowing for interaction with other people, keeping his eyes to a level nearly equal than others, helping not only to reach objects on top shelves or furniture, if not also potentiate the user's self-esteem.

There is the option to unpin the seat of the chair base and by rail move to an installed base in a motor vehicle either to drive or take the place of the passenger, anchoring the car seat.
in terms of aesthetics and style, the language of forms, volumens and surfaces is oriented to meet and create an emotional bond between the user and transport. through the ability to exchange covers, seats and add accessories (base for iPad), allow the user to configure according to your needs and tastes (varying its final cost).

In the section on gadgets, LED lighting and "panic button" that when pressed, sends a coded message ranging from a preventive service request of the chair to an emergency (depending on the number of times you press the button).

This proposal aims to integrate into society in a friendly and attractive way to use a wheelchair for people who are in this situation.


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    Federico Eduardo González M.
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    Federico Eduardo González Morón. Concept, Engeniering & CAD.
    Alberto Gutierrez Pastrana. concept & Representation.
    Martin Carcaño Acevedo Animation.
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    Usually I use CAD programs, Rhinoceros and Alias.
    of which files are obtained for visualization and analysis.
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    Rebuilt old cars.
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    Local Motors
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    The need to improve transport in cities and mainly for people with disabilities.
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    Rhinoceros, 3D Max, Show Case, KeyShot
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