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Dampened Oscillatory Gravitic Unit


During the course of researching alternative energy and propulsion systems I stumbled upon an ancient Dogu artifact and intuitively began decoding Quantum Electro Dynamic (QED) symbol components comprising an energy and propulsion system. Moreover I decoded a self-cooling superconductor comprising a resonant cavity structure constructed from a predetermined composition of ceramics’ and powered by an acoustic and em-light superimposed standing-wave to the point of refrigerated anomaly.

Furthermore I decoded a 3-phase YIG sphere filter oscillator tank circuitry designed to resonate one or more Nobel gas filled tubes comprising over-mode asymmetric shaped cavity structures. Analog to a tube amplifier found in most vintage electronics’ and continued resonance of said Nobel gas contained within a backward wave magnetic bottle to the point of plasma formation and concentrated to the point of propulsion.

Proven correct my translations form a type of Rosetta Stone thus opening a door into the advancement of archeology such as the modern world has never before witnessed until now having remained an un-open-able door due to an incorrect adherence to the rule of contextual evidence. Point being the standard rule of context simply does not apply to symbol linguistics encoded within said artifacts. Note the context is to artifacts and not to the standard artefacts.

Moreover when proven true my translations will set the stage for a revolution in both energy and propulsion technology comprising terrestrial and extraterrestrial energy and propulsion. Basically space travel and exploration became an economical reality powered by a self-cooled superconductor.

Technology resolves known issues with room temperature conductors by using opto- acoustic resonance in a ceramic cavity structure comprising a predetermined composition of component materials and to effect cooling of said ceramic conductor to the point of anomaly. Thereby causing said conductor to have emissions of secondary energy that can be transformed into useable and consumable electricity.

Technology resolves said energy transformation issues via YIG oscillator filter technology.

Technology further resolves energy/propulsion issues by reverse wave oscillation and magnetic bottle containment comprising a plasma propulsion system powered by a self-cooling superconductive device.

Furthermore technology resolves aerodynamic issues by projecting the area rule design onto M/W wing and body configurations using frontal area reduction and anti stall wing-lets designed for the prevention of horizontal fluid rotation, which otherwise produces antagonistic drag while maintaining vertical standing waves thus preventing wing tip stalls including an over all reduction in drag to the point of beneficial drag-utilization doing useful work in the direction of travel.

Technology is indigenously fabricate-able

The following URL demonstrates the current state of the art in remote control modeling comprising Electrogravitic propulsion and energy technology that I deciphered from a set of ancient schematics known as the Dogu.

The photo detail reveals several sets of decoded components with many more hidden sub sets of symbols encoded within the logic symbols embossed on the statue schematic depicted in the photo comprising an energy and propulsion technology when deciphered using the QED encryption key.

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