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This weapon is a double barrel (slide pump) action shotgun that has the capability of holding fifty (50) rounds of 12 gauge shotgun shells in a side-by-side stagger single box magazine.

In modern wideband receivers one of basic element is ADC,working in undersampling mode or direct RF digitizing

Main imperfections these of modes:

1.Result undersampling is appearance a few digital images of signal,what require application complex filters.
2.Direct digitizing RF/IF require clock generators with minimum jitter and application DDC.

Remote manipulation in uncontrolled environments remains challenging despite advances in computing, robotics, and telecommunication. Complex objects can be manipulated with custom fixturing, but this limits adaptability in dynamic environments. Due to their ability to grip and manipulate objects with myriad shapes and textures,

What would a super fuel-efficient aircraft look like; how far can we refine its aerodynamics; and what kind of performances, load capability and comfort can we expect from it?

Personal flight has stayed an ojective since the Icarus story and Leonardo da Vinci. The problem is getting sufficient lift.

The invention relates to the use of the collision of matter and antimatter as a means of propulsion in a spacecraft, to the control system for said engine and to a block diagram of the connections for same, in which all of the functions are divided into modules.

The separation of flow over a body such as an aircraft wing can cause substantial loss of lift and reduction in the overall fuel efficiency of the aircraft. Delaying or elimination of the separation of flow can help in decreasing fuel consumption and decreasing emissions,

Who do you know that would like a safer, faster, more fuel efficient airliner that could carry more at lower costs, take off at less than 100 mph yet travel near Mach 1 with minimal drag penalty? This design has already been proven in NASA, hypersonic testing.

The Beam Irradiance on Target System (BITS) is a high energy laser (HEL) sensor array that directly measures the beam irradiance profile of HEL weapons.

The proposed project is about generation of instantaneously Ultra High Vacuum (UHV) [2] to deflect or damp the blast load of the high explosive explosions. This method can be used as standard countermeasure against any type of warfare explosions.

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