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SWAG Aircraft ----------Future is in Nature!

Fastest flying animals have two main advantages upon classical aircraft: Smart shape and flight mechanics.
WHY? They flew millions of years ago ( 160 ) and so have taken out the very best solution for an economic flight.
Energy saving is life insurance!
Trying to apply the right principles of original flight mechanics would be thus probably a must. But, what is the matter ?

I think that applications of my 1992 patent about birds flight mecs are possible in light and very light aviation. WHY,HOW ?

Original flight mechanics demand Variable Geometry (VG) -- which is possible mainly due to modern technology -- for light
aviation (from chute devices to bizjets.
So I have imagined several projects among which this 2009 designed "SWAG." More than 15 innovations can be seen in it, including 4 steps:

1- Lifting body - Most birds have it, so why not ? (See former L Constellation liner.) Less wing, less weight!
2- Albatross wings - This shape apply the best solution for energy saving: Counter sweep and anti vortex aileron. More efficient; less span, less weight .
3- Variable geometry -Like for albatrosses, which can block their shoulders in cruise gliding, short VG allows (yet) MVO, adding flight speed adaptation capability (unto supersonic?), and pitch control! MVO was patented in 1992. Basic principle/concept is ..Transfer of flight energy (more or less drag ) from upper wing to the lower one! Combined span spreading, thus wing loading, and down flapping upon lower wing, VS contrary upon upper wing. Therefor less span and weight are expected, with energy saving.
4- This MVO system also allows simpler tail/empennages solutions. No vertical fin is required, providing engines being in axial position/berth. In my project, the antinoise solution shown helps another good one to be operated : jet orientation for twist and directional control.

Generally speaking, all differentials being positive, with no anti force to combat, energy spending is at a minimum. Partial solutions can be nevertheless worked out.

Several aircraft builders (free flight and bizjets ) would be kind to consider this project. Because ...
nowadays aircraft shaping is more than 100 years old! and it is
TIME TO CHANGE ! ! DARE ! (citation of LP Mouillard, former French pioneer).
MVO: Mécanique de Vol Originelle(birds flight mecs)


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