SAM - "Friend of Front Line Soldiers"

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Robot is a machine to execute different task repeatedly with high precision. Thereby many functions like collecting information and studies about the hazardous sites which is too risky to send human inside. Robots are used in different types like fire fighting robot, metal detecting robot, etc. Humanoids are robots which resembles human joints. Humanoids are nowadays used in industrial purpose, military, research etc.
With the improvement in research and development in robotics, they have started serving the so called three D’s, dull, dirty and dangerous, quite efficiently, thus providing extended standoff and reducing risk of exposure. This makes countries around the world to integrate robotics into defense technology.

Need for robotics in battle field:
With the technology finally matured to the point where reasonably affordable robots can actually do something useful, defense organizations worldwide are compelled to use robots in battlefield. Robots are not affected by physical or psychological wear down and can operate in environments contaminated by biological, chemical or radiological weapons.
By involving robots in warfare as frontline soldiers, the lives of many brave soldiers could be saved. Also robots could be used for emergency rescue operations, unknown area survey, etc.

About the Project:
SAM is an Andro Humanoid Robot which uses Cascaded Computational Intelligence.
SAM has legs but moves with the help of wheels and hence he can only move in a plane surface. SAM has 11 joints including the hip, neck, jaw, shoulders, elbow, wrist and finger. SAM can be controlled using voice commands and it is unbounded wireless control as he uses high speed internet for communication with the human master.
SAM V0.0 is not designed for a specific application, instead, he will be used as a model for developing the higher versions which will be integrated with more and more features. SAM can rotate his hip and neck and can speak due to the freedom of jaw movement. He uses right hand for giving shake hands, picking some objects, etc. He uses the left hand for shooting down a target.
SAM can be controlled by human master from round the world with the fulfillment of certain basic conditions. The main intention in the future works on SAM will be to develop an Andro humanoid robot which will work in harmony with the human master.

Sample Working:
The required action is commanded by the human master as a specific word which is picked by the microphone and converted to a code alphabet by the client PC using Roboclient software. This alphabet is transmitted to the server laptop at the robot platform through high speed internet. At the reception end the alphabet is transmitted to the master controller from the server laptop through RS-232 cable. Now the master controller controls the slaves according to the program for the particular alphabet.

With more improvements in the sensing and controlling of SAM V0.0, a better and versatile Andro Humanoid could be developed to act as front line soldiers in warfare, thus saving the lives of soldiers.


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