50 rd. Double Barrel Pump Shotgun

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This weapon is a double barrel (slide pump) action shotgun that has the capability of holding fifty (50) rounds of 12 gauge shotgun shells in a side-by-side stagger single box magazine.

The primary feeding mechanisms in use today by shotguns are:
1. Under barrel tube or multiple tubes with a maximum capacity of 16 rounds. 2. Single stack magazines, no more than 10 rounds. 3. Drum magazines with capacities up to 32 rounds but the drums are large, clumsy, fragile and expensive to manufacture. The "stagger" magazine has never been used in a shotgun because, when the stagger magazine is successfully used in rifles and pistols, the bullets have a pointed or round point created by the projectile. The bullet comes out of the stagger magazine at an angle and is guided into the chamber by the pointed projectile. A shotgun shell is flat in front and when it comes out of a stagger magazine at an angle, it will not feed into the chamber but jams. My design overcomes this problem.

This weapon has straight line recoil to eliminate barrel jump during firing. It has a (5)position adjustable butt stock and is 27" overall when the stock is retracted. Most of the exterior is made of "Zytel", similar to the polymer used in modern pistol frames. The prototype, at this time weighs 17 pounds which could be reduced in a production weapon. The firing mechanism is controlled by (2) side-by-side triggers. Each trigger fires one barrel (ATF requirement)and they can be manipulated to fire both barrels at once or each barrel by its self by changing the position of the trigger finger.

This weapon can be disassembled into its component parts in under 60 seconds by depressing two levers located at the front and back if the weapon. The disassembled parts consist of: the top of the upper receiver with sight, handle, bolt stop, butt stock, both bolts, barrel bridge, vertical slide, opp. rods and forward barrel shroud.

This is a 75 yard, effective range weapon. To give you an example of the fire power available to a person with this weapon, if you load the 50 round magazine with number 1 buckshot (16 thirty caliber pellets/shell), it is possible to put 800 thirty caliber projectiles down range in 20+ seconds. This is the effective firepower of (5) M-60 machine guns firing at once for the same period of time.


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