Quad-Copters to Watch for Us

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The problem in hand is large borders and areas that can't be monitored.
The idea will provide a way to get information in Terrorist Black Holes and borders that weren't covered with guard patrol and Satellites like deserts, mountains and national water.
The idea is simply using swarms of medium size quad-copters with different monitoring tools on board to cover the areas of interest, the platforms is already developed in the hobby level and can be adapted to industrial level easily but till now never used in large scale project and the total costs is lower than the costs of satellites, permanent guard patrols or unmanned airplanes.
The main components of the system are the quad-copters itself, the charging stations and the acquisition and analysis system of the information.
The quad-copters can be of single size or more than one size for different tasks that may require different capabilities (the same as different types of ants in a colony).
The charging and landing stations will be solar powered as possible to increase automation of the process; they also have to be able to carry enough units to cover the ground while charging the other units.
For acquisition secure internet system based on satellite communication or other techniques will do the job to provide useful information for the government and the patrol guard to take actions.
Communication between quad-copters may utilize wireless communication for swarm like behavior and some units may be allowed to be remotely controlled for unscheduled scout missions.


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