Time Dilation Machine

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Time Dilation Machine: Includes a rotating colder than absolute zero superconductor rotated by an array of nuclear gamma pico-lasers. Powered by either an anti-matter battery or fusion or fission power. The rotation of the superconductor is stabilized by electro-static bearings on each side. The device is in the shape of a rotating sphere with a door unlocking/locking device utilizing direct and network communications with a laser array door entrance. The system utilizes a rolling code quantum computer global cloud network for dipole electron capture for the pico-laser and rotating below absolute zero super conductor system quantum software. A person is located inside the device complete with food production equipment and a paper-less and water-less toilet. The system is levitated by copper superconductors for rotation for ground Earth usage as in the usage for a House, Hospital, or Mobile Vehicle. For space usage levitation is not required. The Dilation of the machine is dependent on the speed of the rotation. The technology can also be used for a liner accelerator or cyclotron, to find the graviton or create fusion heat energy by adding holes in the sphere and adding tritium at its center. Whereby, you would have pressure form rotation and heat from the lasers by adding lasers through the added holes as it is timed for rotation.


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