Aviation for the Next 100 Years

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Who do you know that would like a safer, faster, more fuel efficient airliner that could carry more at lower costs, take off at less than 100 mph yet travel near Mach 1 with minimal drag penalty? This design has already been proven in NASA, hypersonic testing. The time to support this giant leap forward in design is now.

This is the next logical step in aviation design. Its natural stability and proven history make it most desirable for minimal flight testing and overall cost reduction. The design lends itself to adaptability. With the use of advanced composites, this structure can be pressurized for safe, human transport now.

With the latest in efficient design and technology, this plane is the ultimate in adaptability. Useful in all areas, it can be used as a cargo transport, military refueling tanker, mega-airliner or air taxi and even in the quest for single stage to orbit spacecraft. It also lends itself to cheaper, modular, mass production, multi-use UAVs.

NASA records show the efficiency of this design. History proves its practical use over several evolutionary design improvements. The latest design has great possibilities when applied to all areas of flight. With minimal wind tunnel and flight testing, this design will be proven in less than 5 years and adaptable to all of aviation/aerospace in less than 15. This plane will make global economic and envronmental changes that are positive and necessary. Let's do it now!


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    Larry Pope
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    CAD, Physical Proof of Concept Modeling
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    Creating new Burnelli Lifting Fuselage designs.
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    In 2006 I stumbled upon an airplane design that captivated my imagination. Called a Lifting Fuselage, it has all the advantages people have hoped for since the jet age began. This better, safer, cheaper to build, fly and maintain design inspired me to bring this design back into the light. See more at http://www.burnelliaircraft.com/wp/blog . This shows the only known RC of Vincent Burnelli's last design before his death in 1964, a giant, high speed airliner.
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    Home built models and CAD drawings
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