SkyAuto - A VTOL for Defense Transportation

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SkyAuto will be a two-seater VTOL [Vertical Take Off &Landing Aircraft]. Having three small jet engines mounted at three sides of the VTOL, it will fly using "auto-pilot." My aim is to make it for defense transportation with enhanced security and advanced navigation.

Design Description:
The three small jet engines will be fit at the sides of the craft.The cockpit will be like an "Egg" shaped shelter which will be fully made of glass except the basement. While the three jet engines make thrust, the whole thrustwill coincide at centre of gravity of the VTOL. Instead of using wings, my aim to adjust the direction of jet engine which is fit back-side of the VTOL to chage direction. To go upward we need to provide more thrust to two jet engines at the front than to the back engine. To go downward more thrust need to be provided at the back engine than the two-front engines.

Safety Features:
For safety consideration, a parachute will also be set at the top of the centre of gravity point to open itself in case of emergency. The VTOL will be set to fly by computer-progammed chip guidence; so those who don't have pilot training also can operate this vehicle. As an enhancement, GPS system will be fit with the VTOL; a GPS system will be used to fly to a particular location in the terrain in "autopilot" mode.

There is no complex mechanism in this VTOL. Since the VTOL requires only 3 small jet engines, it will be easier to construct. Even ultralight builders can make this VTOL by having their JetTurbines. Since wings are not used, it will be compact & can be taken inside truck.

The aircraft has safety featues like a parachute mounted at the centre of gravity, computer-chip guidence and GPS based navigation. So anyone can fly using this vehicle. Actually it will float in the air - not even - fly. Since the risk related withcrash of VTOL is small, it can be used for taking injured persons/medical kits/war guns. And also it can be built easily & quickly by the people.

It will be a low cost VTOL, since there is no cost related with the VTOL other than the engines and GPS system. If we build without a GPS system, the cost will be much lower.


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    Nagarajan Br
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    Building new types of VTOL models
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    AHS International [VTOL] Helicopter Society
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    From schooling onwards, I was interested in aeronautics. Due to the interest in aeronautics, I used to design new types of VTOL blueprints at my age of 13. I tried to build such models by getting sponsorship; I have sent to many organizations including NASA.
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