ADCs with Function RF Detector for Construction Ultra-Widband Receivers

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In modern wideband receivers one of basic element is ADC,working in undersampling mode or direct RF digitizing

Main imperfections these of modes:

1.Result undersampling is appearance a few digital images of signal,what require application complex filters.
2.Direct digitizing RF/IF require clock generators with minimum jitter and application DDC.
3.Wideband in these receivers limited exemplarily 10-20%RF.

For removal these imperfections i designed ADCs with function RF detector(Fig.2)

So as, parameters vector in constellation (magnitude,phase) define I/Q signals,i suppose digitize amplitudes in I/Q canals will be enough for further processing.

Advantages direct conversion receivers,where used ADCs with function RF detector:

1.In result we have only one digital image of signal.

2.ADCs with function RF detector not require clock generator with minimum jitter(Fig.3).

3.So as,sampling frequency in these ADCs=RF,possibly construction ultra-wideband receivers with BW=1/2RF (by Nyquist theorem).
Conclusion:ADCs with function RF detector allow construction ultra-wideband receivers.


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