New Aircraft Concept Will Eliminate Crosswind Landings and Takeoffs.

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To the worldwide aviation community,

The VTOL JetCar is a new personal jet-powered aircraft concept.  It will perform a function that currently no other aircraft can accomplish.  When incorporated as standard safety procedure, this new aircraft will execute: 'the first ever automated vertical-flight turning-into-the-wind maneuvers', during the most crucial stages of flight: takeoffs and landings.

The JetCar's automated 'turning-into-the-wind' will become a standard safety function to eliminate takeoff-and-landing accidents attributed to adverse crosswind-flight conditions.  This function will be performed during the hovering phase, before transitioning to normal flight and preceding a vertical landing, at the end of a flight.  This safety feature will make general aviation more enticing to the affluent.

Achieving safe, reliable vertical takeoffs and landings, combined with aircraft’s automated vertical-flight orientation to the wind, would be more conducive to integrating autonomous flight controls, from takeoff to landing.

With these capabilities the VTOL JetCar concept may be prompted someday to become the basis for satellite-controlled takeoffs, from any FAA certified landing site with a GPS marker, and not just from an airport or commercial heliport.  A backyard section or rooftop structure of a private residence that meets specific criteria,  could become a certified landing site.

A “GO” for a vertical takeoff, could be indicated by a green light signal on the JetCar’s instrument panel, enabled by a transmission link between an orbiting launch-control satellite and the aircraft’s transponder.
But corporate/government investment is required to bring the JetCar concept to fruition.

Please take time to view the attachments below to understand the simplistic principles behind this new aircraft concept.

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