MultiFunction Micro Air Vehicle

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Unmanned Air vehicle or uninhabited air vehicle (UAV) is essential equipment that is used in military warfare. However, owing to its large size, it is easily detected by the enemy causing it to be vulnerable to enemy counter attack. Micro Air Vehicle can be considered as a superior alternative to the UAV. The size of an MAV is in the order of few centimeters and cannot be detected by the human eye easily. Also, it can fly alongside human beings, whereas the UAV can only hover above a region.

In the present paper, an innovative project for design and fabricating a micro air vehicle is proposed. The proposed micro air vehicle is called as Multifunction Micro Air Vehicle (MMAV). It has a length and wingspan of 15cm. It consists of symmetrical tri-rotor arrangement. The MAV is a tilt rotor type MAV i.e., all the three rotors have the ability to rotate along a hinge support. In other words, MMAV has an ability to take off and land vertically and can cruise like a propeller driven airplane. The model is designed like an airfoil shape to cruise at a good speed, scoring over other normal rotor MAVs. Figure 1 shows the isometric view of MMAV. The model was designed in CATIA V5 and the preliminary design calculations have been completed. MMAV is a low cost MAV and can be effectively used for surveillance activities to aid the police and the military. It is equipped with a camera and has the ability to land in difficult terrains. It can cruise as well as hover over a desired area making it a far superior design when compared to other MAVs that are currently in use.

• Defense- its ability to be undetected by the human eye and its unique feature of cruising at high speeds make it ideal for use in military field

• Surveillance- it can be used to monitor the level of traffic

• Help the police in tracking down criminals using facial recognition software

• Useful for farmers to monitor their farmland continuously to prevent poaching and other activities

• Navy to monitor illegal entry into their country’s maritime border


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