Mars Biodome

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The Mars Biodome is a dome made out of transparent tri-layered panels and a sturdy frame that allows people to live on Mars. The panels on the Biodome are made of glass on the inside, a glass-plastic-glass layer on the outside, and a gas called argon in between to help with insulation. The glass-plastic-glass layer will be extra durable should dust or space debris end up hitting the pane. Having a piece of plastic in between the two outer glass panels helps keep the panel from shattering even if it cracks. The panels will be polygon shaped, most varying in sizes so to achieve a dome shape overall. Having the panels polygon shaped will help support the weight of the dome o the different sides, too. To help keep the abrasion on the panels o a minimum, there will be diamond applied on to the exterior of the dome in very thin coats. As for the dust storms that will assail the dome, there will be 6 walls surrounding the Biodome in a hexagon shape. These walls can be raised from below ground to block the dust and divert it around the Biodome. On the inside will be buildings and houses. To compensate for the lack of oxygen, the Biodome will have many plants on the inside. As for water, if the Biodome can be built on or near a large ice lake, and the ice drilled can be filtered, turned into water, and put into an artificial "water cycle",then water will be covered. There will be outdoor wind turbines to produce energy.


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