Ductile Ceramics

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It is possible to make plastically deformable metal rich ceramics with melting temperatures over 2,500C by sintering them under high pressure exceeding 1 GPa up to 2 GPa and high temperature over 2,000C. These deformable ceramics are useful for using as turbine blades for gas turbine engines, mainly for jet engines.

By using these deformable ceramic blades as gas turbine blades, it is possible to make gas turbine engines without cooling blades by air and burning fuels at very high temperatures over 1,800C to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and engine weight. These characteristics contribute to improvement of environmental conditions and resource saving.

These advantages are available by sintering ceramic powders and metal powders at metal rich conditions which will make ceamic bodies containing metal phase under normal presure. However by sintering under certain high pressure conditions, it is possible to make metal rich but metal phase free ceramics. ref. M.Araki Special Issue of The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 17 236 (2007)


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