Spinal Injury Protector for Ejection Seats

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This Spinal Injury Protector for fighter aircraft ejection seats is meant for the protection of fighter pilot (usually military) from serious spinal injury during an emergency evacuation. This Spinal Injury protector is a portable light-weight and ready to use add-on seat bottom assembly suitable to fit all ejection seats.

Why this Spinal Injuries Protector is developed? In fighter aircraft, an ejection seat is a system designed to rescue the pilot in an emergency. In most designs, the seat is catapult out of the aircraft and propelled by an explosive charge or rocket motor. During an emergency evacuation the pilot ejects himself from the aircraft and the seat is catapult 5 to 20g upward carrying the pilot with it within 0.15 seconds in order to get off from the aircraft in time. Most often pilots sustain certain degree of spinal injuries during the egress phase of ejection whereby the body weight of the pilot usually borne by the (T-12) vertebra directly expose to the upward thrust from the catapult underneath the seat. The severity of the injury is dependent on two main criteria, the intensity of the g forces exerted from the catapult and the posturing position of the pilot vertebra during evacuation.

Back injury is an occupational disease among pilots. A simple protection can go a long way to protect the livelihood of the pilots.



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