Future of Spying-Killer Drones and MAV's

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Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) are being developed by the U.S government for scientific and military operations like surveillance. The MAV’s can be used with spy-cameras, microphones and other sensors that can take pictures, videos and other useful scientific and biological information from people and places where humans (or the military) cannot reach. Presently Black hornet, Russian helicopter drones are heavy weight, rc-helicopters which carry out surveillance operation but are easily visible to naked eyes.

My idea is to design a small sized, high speed, low acoustics ornithroper MAV with a small spy camera and a dart gun or poison gun. The practical benefits of ornithroper are potentially improved efficiency by flapping wings, better maneuverability and reduced noise compared to rotary driven aircrafts. MAV's is designed such that it resembles a insect so that they would be undetected. A dart gun is fixed in the MAV such that it can resemble antennas of insect and such a dart gun can be fired by a spring mechanism and a micro-servo. A spring mechanism is designed such that antenna shoots from the MAVs and launches itself into target. Antennas can be used to compress spring and a micro servo arm can be used to release the compressed spring. A small grove is made in antennas and a servo arm is affixed in these groves such that when servo is actuated the antennas are released. A small microchip can be fitted to the spy camera and dart gun, such that it can be programmed to detect a certain person as target and follow the target.

The major problem in using a MAV is its small battery life. This problem can be reduced with the help of a dual battery source, one battery for flying and launching of dart gun and another battery for spy-camera and transmitter. A quad rotor or a rc-aircraft can be used to launch MAV's to distant places to reduce effective flying time. Thus the operational time of MAV's can be reduced to 15 or 20 mins and thus the size of battery pack can be further reduced. More ever a launching system is not as this type of MAV's can be hand launched or air launched by rc-aircrafts or quad rotors.

Use of such MAVs can revolutionize modern warfare strategies and a loss of life can be prevented to huge extent.
In a military surveillance operation information can be collected from enemies’ military base.
In hostage rescue situation the captors can be made unconscious and rescue operation can be performed with any loss of life.
In a military warfare it can be used to attack enemies fatally and successfully wining a war without loss of life.
This can be used as a biological weapon to poison enemies food or water supplies.

*This picture is of US based mosquito drone and this drone is yet to be fabricated.
I m currently designing a drone in similar concept and any help would be appreciated.
For future queries please contact mi This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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