Vortex Cancelling Winglet

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With busier airports and higher fuel prices the demand for more efficient aircraft and airport operations is necessary for the future of the aeronautic industry.

The wing of an aircraft generates lift by creating a pressure differential between the upper and lower surfaces, the air passing below the wing want to escape to the low pressure area and that escape occurs at the tip of the wing creating a vortex which not only is a risk for other planes but also creates drag. A winglet is a device installed in the tip of the wing to reduce this effect.

The vortex cancelling winglet drastically reduce the vortex generated by a plane, it works by creating two vortexes that rotate in opposite directions, that way they collapse against each other and are cancelled.
These are the main advantages of the vortex cancelling winglet:

1- Decrease fuel consumption by reducing the parasite drag.
2- Reduce the distance separation between flying aircraft.
3- Reduce the wingspan of a plane: a wing that is designed from scratch using this winglet can be shorter because is like bending the tip of the wing (the amount of lift will be the same)
4- Can be installed in current aircraft.


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