Gravity Development Board

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The Gravity Development Board (GDB) will revolutionize the high-level prototyping experience and replace the Arduino Uno® as the peoples’ preferred microcontroller. Designed as a tool for developing hardware and software systems, the GDB is the first space tolerant, open hardware prototyping board that can sense and manipulate the environment. Its rich design capabilities will empower engineers, designers, and hobbyists to create in an environment limited only by their imaginations.

The GDB offers the similar functionality found in today’s microcontrollers, however; it deviates in its superior performance. It is up to forty times faster and sixty-three percent smaller than the leading board (Arudino Uno) today. Sol-X’s GDB includes integrated high power drivers capable of handling one hundred times the current, flexible Input/Output configurations, and programming flexibility (languages include: easy-to-use 12 Blocks™, SPIN, C+). The boards, which can be purchased either fully assembled or as a kit, utilize dense double sided Surface Mount Technology, with hardware that includes: two (2) Full H-Bridges, 18 GPIO pins, eight (8) channel 12-bit ADC conversion, Multiplexer, and USB communication. Like the Arduino, it operates across-platforms (Microsoft, Linux, Mac) and yet provides an unparalleled intuitive programming environment for beginners and professionals alike.

As entrepreneurs we understand the cost associated with prototyping new technology. We purposely designed the GDB for students, teachers and small businesses who need to eliminate high development costs and decrease time in order to maximize innovation.

Imagine you want to build a tank tread system that will drive on four high power (1.5 A / 18 Watts) motors. With one GDB, a system could drive four motors forward for 5 seconds with the following 4 lines of code

FullH_BridgeU1(A, 1, 5000)
FullH_BridgeU1(B, 1, 5000)
FullH_BridgeU2(A, 1, 5000)
FullH_BridgeU2(B, 1, 5000)

However, using Arudino microcontrollers one would have to design a MOSFET driver circuit and corresponding software or one would need to purchase two Ardunio Motor shields and an Arudino Uno. All in it would cost around 84$ for all the additional electronics. Furthermore, the Arudino would require 20 lines of code to control four motors.
In reference to electronic volume, our quick release breakout board (called Ejection Seat™) enables easy prototyping, yet keeps the GDB form factor small and robust enough to use for companies’ initial product releases.

Sol-X’s GDB is the embodiment of creating the future. We believe our board provides a unique niche product that can be sold to makers all across the globe. We know it has the capacity to improve the human condition on Earth and lead us to the stars.


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