Smokeless Landing

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The basic idea is upon landing to start the rotation of the airplane wheels before contact with the ground.

Courrently at the moment of the first contact with the ground, the wheels skid generating smoke and reducing the life of the tires because the wheel speed is above cero in relation to the ground.

Also the skidding increases the run length before stop because the coefficient of kinetic friction aplies which is much lower that the static one.

To start the rotation of the wheels a couple of alternatives can be studied:
- a very small electric motor located in each wheel

- a very small wind propler atached to each wheel

Very little energy is required to start the movement of the wheels because there is not load over them so the aditional equipment is small not adding significant weight to the airplane.

Also a small control system will be required to assure that all the wheels are rotating at a similar speed.


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