The Earth Rider

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Want to know what it feels like to be in space, without actually having to go into orbit or travel to the moon?

Space Synapse’s Earth Rider venture allows you to do just this.

While the advent of a commercial space industry will soon allow a growing number of people to have the extraordinary experience of space travel and the view of Earth from space, sometimes called the Overview Effect, high costs have put it out of reach for all but a very few. To date, some 500 individuals have actually had the opportunity to see our planet from orbit or travel to the surface of the moon. The Earth Rider vision is to establish an inspiring program that brings both space and environmental awareness closer to the general public and to school children in particular through immersive, simulated experiences and education.

By using powerful new technologies such as high-definition digital media, three-dimensional visualisation capabilities and virtual reality, Earth Rider will immerse and connect Earth-based audiences in a simulation of the space environment and bring the Overview Effect to millions of people around the globe.

Future technology developments will allow for real-time data feeds from satellites, the International Space Station (ISS) and ESA and NASA missions, creating the possibility of interaction with Space Synapse exhibits and online platforms for education markets and public outreach.

Our users will enjoy a truly unique, customised and awe-inspiring experience to increase engagement with planetary, environmental, and space awareness. We will attempt to convey the Overview Effect on an emotional, cultural, interdisciplinary and multi-sensory level that informs people about the opportunities inherent in space exploration and the benefits of rethinking space technology and the human experience of space travel.

What is the Overview Effect?
The Overview Effect is a cognitive shift, a change in worldview that has been documented in interviews with astronauts who have had the opportunity to see the Earth from space and in space.

The phrase was originally coined by space philosopher and author Frank White in his book by the same name, which was published in 1987. Tweny-five years later, on December 7, 2012, “Overview,” believed to be the first film devoted exclusively to this topic, was premiered at Harvard University under the sponsorship of the Harvard Extension School.


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