Skill Capacity, Human Skills Assessment & Performance Evaluation Software

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PRODUCT: SKILL CAPACITY© is a user-customizable, mobile skills assessment and performance evaluation “template” that will provide any DoD/SOF training program, skills evaluation program, etc., with the ability to identify, define and grade tangible fundamental skills (PST), advanced technical/tactical/physical (motor, psycho-motor) skills or the intangible and or, cognitive, learned, subjective/behavioral requirements that instructors observe during training exercises.

RESULTS: The results of this disparate data collection activity can be stored in a highly secure multi-layered database and used for extensive predictive analytical analyses and data mining to aid in reducing risk associated with SOF candidate selection/evaluations, and contribute to specific accession/performance goals related to reducing attrition. i.e., individual and group comparative analyses, progression/regression analyses, and trend or predictive modeling scales. Substantial benefit will also occur when differentiating top-level performers from mid-level performers and identifying those worthy of future considerations, i.e., mentoring programs, up-training, long-term career/results tracking, etc. Skill Capacity can also measure the effectiveness and competencies of the instructors, trainers, etc., that use it.

During development of the SKILL CAPACITY© prototype, it became evident that the logic being applied to the technical/tactical, physical, physiological and psychological evaluation and reporting processes for one industry were similar in scope to rules being applied in many vertical markets throughout the commercial marketplace.

SKILL CAPACITY© was re-designed as a user-definable template. It is a “horizontal” application, available for multiple “vertical” markets and can be customized to adapt to the needs of any requirement for tangible/intangible skills assessment, physiological performance evaluation and predictive analytics in nearly all vertical markets.

SAVINGS: Using The U. S. Navy example, cost to recruit 1 candidate is approximately $14,000., with individual bonus incentives reaching $40,000. The Navy enlists 40,000 new recruits annually, and total recruitment costs are approximately $560 Million annually. (Source: U.S. Navy)

Of those 40,000 recruits, U. S. Navy Special Programs recruits 2,000 candidates for inclusion into their various special operations programs (SOF/USSOCOM).

Due to the inherent difficulty of these programs, SOF experiences an attrition rate of approximately 70% or higher (Source: U.S. Navy). Some of this attrition can be attributed to poor or inefficient pre-recruitment qualification and testing along with ineffective post-recruitment evaluations or development of marginal candidates.

Once recruited, each candidate costs $400. per day to train, feed and house during their 8-week training regimen after their initial recruitment. Combined costs to recruit, train, house and feed 2,000 prospective recruits are approx. $47.6 Million (Source: U.S. Navy).

Using the 70% attrition rate, DoD loses approximately $33.4 Million annually in recruiting, training, housing, etc., incurred by those who ultimately leave their original programs for reassignment, or leave the military completely.

Assume that through more efficient performance evaluation procedures through the use of Skill Capacity©, that the attrition rate can be reduced by a conservative 25%.

Adding the costly man-hour expenditures, lost to redundant data entry, that could be effectively re-distributed throughout the command simply through the use of an automated process, creates a conservative estimate of overall savings that would yield $8.55 Million to one SOF operation each year.


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