Romantaque - Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion

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Romantaque - Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion is a novel cosmetic that when applied to normal & intact skin after hair is removed by TWEP (Threading, Waxing, Epilation or Plucking) inhibits the hair growth increasing time gap between next need to remove hair session. It reduces the rate at which hair grows, weakens hair reduces pain of hair removal, affects hair constitution affecting appearance of hair. When used consistently reduces the frequency and urgency to get rid of unwanted hair frequently.

There are plenty of options tried out over last century from sandpaper to sugar, and X rays to laser to get rid of unwanted hair . However there is no satisfactory solution that would be affordable and reliable to work. Current option that work reasonably are costly and affordable ones are very temporary with their own sets of limitations.

We need solution that can work in privacy of home and needing a less demand of skilled manpower, and light on pocket.

With many approaches and solutions available the market stands around US Dollar 18 Billion (As market for Hair Removal for Unwanted Hair).

In Romantaque specially processed active is delivered to hair follicle of an uprooted hair, where the active affects hair manufacturing process. Technology covers IP that is granted in India, UK, Australia, and South Africa. Next round of patent applications are under processing at PCT national phase.

Currently product is being manufactured in India.

We are in the process of networking and connecting up with distributors globally, as this need of getting rid of unwanted hair is universal.

Currently product is available in India , for RS 1500/-(~ USD 30) for a 50 gm pack, that can come handy for face application (Eyebrows, and Upper lip + Chin) for about 6 to 8 cycles {1 Cycle = Hair Removal + Gap of day + Application of Romantaque for 10 days x twice a day (stop after 10 days) + Intermediate gap of time to feel the need to remove hair + Next hair removal

Not only the relief from frequent hair removal session is enjoyed by young college going students, but also middle aged mothers who are pressed for time, women around 45 - who face post menopausal period and consequential hormone games, or hirsutism. Young aspiring men in show business are also the new users who are keen to explore such an option that can reduce unwanted hair growth, and pain of hair removal.

Romantaque – Post Hair Removal Hair Minimizing Lotion, is to boost confidence of a lady and brighten her life.



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