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Now scientific and technical progress in creating new constructional materials, energy saving technologies and in other areas of a science and techniques make modern discoveries (innovations) in the field of nanotechnologies and mechanical chemistry.

The important place in these technologies is represented to by means of destruction, decomposition and dispersion of various liquid substances. In particular, various kinds of pumps are concern these means, which course effectively decomposition and activation of working liquids.

A new generation of vibratory cavitation pumps based on theoretical and experimental ground has been developed and patented (US 8, 353, 689 B 2).

Three variants of the pump are designed to lift, move and mix liquids ...

The domestic pressure cooker is one of the essential cooking utensils in the Indian kitchens. In the domestic pressure cooker, the whistling indicates the status of the cooking food. The domestic pressure cooker need to be in observation to hear the sound of the whistling. Once the whistling sound is missed to hear, it would lead to undercooking or overcooking with quality degrade. Unfortunately the hearing impaired peoples could not hear the sound of the cooker whistle.

This invention can be used in household cooking for the benefit of hearing impaired community, who are not able to hear the whistling sound of the cooker. This particular invention, involves a counting mechanism for counting the number of times ...

Trade Marked as the All American Fitness Bar, this handheld full body muscle building exercise barbell is the greatest advancement, in 200 years, for the free weight exercise community. Unlike conventional straight barbells, this bar is curved around the body, to maintain uniform balance. This also allows standard disc shaped weights to be mounted on each end of the bar. Two handles are located near the longitudinal center of the bar, that are adjustable, to allow for targeting specific muscle groups in the hands, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, buttocks, legs, ankles, and feet. Each handle is adjustable to allow symmetrical and asymmetrical changes in gravitational load on each side of the users body. The distance between each hand, ...

The world is currently experiencing rapid explosion in human population with a fixed land mass, thus, making a very constrained space available for agricultural practices. It is gradually coming to a point where agricultural products supply is no longer able to meet up with the demand, thereby causing an impending food shortage/crisis globally and a hike in food prices.

There is therefore the need for more efficient agricultural practices, especially in the areas of mixed cropping and crop rotation for maximizing the agricultural output of a particular piece of land within specific or over a continuous interval.

This solution aims to solve this problem by using specific quantity optimization methods to obtain the optimal number of ...

Many households do not consistently maintain their A/C filters (heating or cooling). Common education suggests that changing your filter every 30 days is sufficient. This catch-all number does not take into account the number of people, pets, other particle generators, or the location of the household.

The device I am currently working on is a very low cost, single AAA battery powered anemometer that is designed to track relative air-flow changes. When placed on an A/C return vent, it will monitor air-flow changes and send a positive alert (beeper and/or LED) when the filter needs replacing.

Newer A/C units often have a simple settable fixed timer to remind the household to change the filter or a more sophisticated method ...

Introducing the AIRcable Smart Dimmer, a new in-wall light dimmer switch, designed with one driving criteria in mind: ease of use.

No complicated setup, unreliable powerline communication or wireless infrastructure is required to remotely control house lighting.

Ease Of Use Design

The AIRcable Smart Dimmer is elegantly designed with a standard deco rocker and tactile feedback. It is very easy to use by reducing the user interface to the absolute key essential functions.

- click the rocker and the light goes on or off
- click and hold the rocker to dim the light, changes direction when pressed again
- when the light is off, hold the button and it will start dimming from the lowest level

Most ...

ALADDIN is a wireless switch. ALADDIN is activated by any remote available and uses the beam Infra Red (IR) emitted, operating with LED (Light Emitting Diode).
ALADDIN replacing the existing wall switch is installed at the point of lighting the area you wish to control.
With only point to the switch and press ALADINO any button on the remote control, this will enable or disable the switch, allowing the light on or off the premises, or on and off the computer to be controlled remotely.
ALADINO gives living comfort. It is advisable to avoid getting up to turn off the light when I sleep and fatigue has overcome by ensuring their health to put your feet on the cold ...

ATOM - The key shaped multitool that puts a tool box in your pocket.

Market Need: Multitools are convenient products that offer a versatile array of hand tools and functions in a single unit. However, traditional multitools are not exactly easy to carry around every day. The products are large, sharp and too heavy to carry in your pocket. Instead, the tool is stored in the apocalyptic survival kit, the nostalgic camping bag or relegated to the car's glove compartment - defeating the purpose.

Solution: ATOM is a key-shaped multitool that offers several convenient tools and features in a compact design that fits on your keychain like any other key. The end result is a multifunctional tool ready to ...

For cleaning table surface in restaurant or home use.

Working Operation:
Device operation is powered by rechargable batteries and has connecting electricity power adaptor to connect to power plug. During recharging, its self pre-warming for steam elements thanks to automatic programmable system in order to save more battery energy. By pressing power & setting menu its moving in all directions of surface or table & by using side sensors it recognizes all surface dimensions in order to clean the whole surface and at the end of operation an alarm goes off to inform the user.

There are 4 cleaning rings. Exterior ring (4th ring) is designed to vacume dust. The 3rd ring is in charge of sparaying vapour ...

Recycling is the latest craze in the world so I decided to do my part by recycling cans and bottles.I hung a 30 gallon trash bag on a hook and started to fill it up, after a little while the weight of the cans was making the hole a little difficult to open so I came up with the idea of using a 3"x 6" diameter piece of pvc pipe with 4 plastic hooks riveted to the pvc to keep the mouth of the bag open.I later decided to use plastic stickon hooks witch made it much cheaper. I have no idea how much it would cost to manufacture but I AM sure it would be really cheap using ...

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