Portable Emergency Alert System

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P.E.A.S ~ Portable Emergency Alert System
I had a motorcycle wreck early in the morning as I was on my way to work. I went off the road as a result of the oncoming car failing to "DIM THEIR LIGHTS!" The morning was dark, cold and wet due to an earlier rain shower. I went off the road and over an embankment, I took out a speed limit sign and was thrown 16 ft. into a small stream. My bike was totaled,it was pitch black and I survived. The problem was, that oncoming cars that came by me "never saw me!" I sat in the dark and called my brother and upon arrival to the site, he could not find me either. I was in a field off the road injured.

This device is designed to draw attention to myself. It will provide first responder,rescue teams, police,military operations a visual and audio reference to pinpoint my location.P.E.A.S is a portable,rechargeable,emergency alert system that provides visual and audible alerts for several hours. It uses all LED lighting for its operation.P.E.A.S can be charged thee ways: Wall Charger,Car Charger, Solar Charger. It comes standard with a 12volt rechargable battery, A 9.5 watt high output spot light, A high output flashing LED strip that folds into the form of a triangle for visibility. Audio alert is provided via a high output siren. The unit also can be used as a personal power source when needed. Each function is independent of each other.

A multifunction unit designed to be decteded for afar.
A high output flashing white LED that can be seen from over a mile away.
A 5 volt usb output port that can be used to power a garmin gps unit and other devices.
A 12 volt output port for powering cell phones and other devices.
A solar panel for recharging the unit in daytime hours.
A high output piezo alerter for audible alerts.
A battery meter to verify voltage level left on battery.
Reflective tape for visual identification with external light is shined upon unit.


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