Utility Box Caddy

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An attachment utility that allows a person to easily pick up and carry a recycle (or any similar utility) box with one hand, and without bending over, to the curb or central collection depot. By using the attachment utility to carry the box by the person's side, the person can easily see the path (and steps) in front of him/her which makes it safer, especially for the senior and frail. It allows for a more ergonomic way of carrying the box, like a shopping basket. The one-handed operation frees up the other hand for : using a handrail, opening garage door, using a walking aid, carrying an umbrella on a rainy day or even carry a box on the other side with another Recycling Box Caddy. The attachment utility is made up of 1/8" wire hooks and 3/4" PVC handle. The wire hooks can be shaped by hand to suit any utility box that has a rim or cut out for hands. The PVC handle won't rust, stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The attachment utility is lightweight and can be folded flat for storing a in small place.
There is a low manufacturing skill needed to build this utility. With a few simple jigs, a table saw, and a circular saw, it would take approximately 5 min to make and assemble. Also, the total cost of materials would be negligible (approximately $1.50 from the local hardware store and shipping costs).

There is a wide variety of use and every household should have one or two (especially multi-dwelling environments such as apartments or condos where there is central collection depot that might be far from the person's unit).


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    Ervin Nagy
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