House Plan for Bar and Guest House

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Bar means any railing that divides a room, or office, or hall of assembly, in order to reserve a space for those having special privileges as the bar of the House of Commons. Guest house means the small house or cottage adjacent to a main house, used for lodging guests, there can be beds-and-breakfast in it. It is also defined as business and commerce, a private home or boarding house offering accommodation, especially to travelers.

This house plan consists of a bar hall and ten bedrooms for the guest house whereby five of them at the right side elevation are self contained rooms and at the left side elevation are not self contained rooms you may also find the counter part, kitchen, bathrooms and toilets at the rear side of the house. You may also find the office room (3.5 meters x 2.8 meters) at the left front side and the reception room (3.5meters x 2.8 meters) at the right front side of the plan.

The plan is about 20.3 meters x 23.4 meters covered area the right side five self contained rooms are 3.5 meters x 4.15 meters covered area each and those not self contained rooms are 4 meters x 3.5 meters covered area each, all the toilets for the self contained rooms are 1.2 meters x 1.3 meters covered area each, the bar hall consists of 10 meters x 13.15 meters covered area while the kitchen is about 3 meters x 4 meters and the counter is about 4 meters x 2.8 meters covered area. Height of the house is about 6 meters and the king post of the house is 2.5 meters while in 30 degrees of roof slopes from the cross section of it.

You may use this house as the hotel,restaurant and/or hostel. It is beautiful in shape for the clients and for those who want to use it as a boarding place. I like it that is why my company Pro Audio Light Tanzania has designed it for our clients it is made of about 3,500 Cement blocks of about 6"x9" x 18"(1000 cement blocks) plus 5"x9" x 18" (2,500 cement blocks) the wall is 8" including plaster. We are selling at the price of $3,500 for those who are in need of it. We can ship to you the originals of blue prints and/or drawn on tracing papers.

Conclusion:Thank you very much for your cooperation for our best of all plans submitted into this contest.


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