Deployable Through Hull Scoop

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From time to time while boating, it is required to have a flow of water enter the boat. Examples include engine and transmission cooling, water for the bait well, or in the case of wake boarding and other similar sports, for ballasting the boat. Currently, this is typically accomplished with a through hull fitting that mounts flush to the outside of the hull and either a mechanical or electrical pump that brings the water aboard in the volume required. Failure modes for these systems include broken belts or drive components in mechanical systems. In electrical systems, failure modes include bad or corroded connections, bad switches, and blown fuses. Either system can fail due to a broken or burned out pump, an air pocket that prevents a centrifugal pump from being primed, or a minor air leak that prevents impeller pumps from maintaining suction.

As an alternative, the deployable scoop uses the forward motion of the boat to "pump" water to the required source. Water flow is adjusted by deploying the scoop more or less into the water stream. If more water is required, the scoop is moved further down (until the opening is fully in the water stream), and conversely, if less is needed, it is retracted. If no water is needed, it is fully retracted, sealing the opening.

Even at moderate speeds, a significant pressure is developed, so a scoop of small proportions is all that is required. As the scoop is small, it can be strategically placed to protect it from damage due to submerged debris. For instance, in an inboard boat, it could be placed behind the drive shaft strut.

As the pressures developed by the forward motion of the boat are high, the scoop has the advantage of being able to move large volumes of water quickly. In the case of wake boarders, one to several hundred gallons are brought aboard for ballast. The scoop can bring this aboard much faster than most inline pumps.

As there is only one moving part - the scoop itself, the boater is assured that if the boat is in motion and the scoop is deployed, water is being delivered. Any fisherman who spent his time and fuel getting to his spot, only to find a bait well full of dead bait will appreciate this. Any wake boarder who can be fully ballasted when he reaches the other side of the lake will also be pleased.


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