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Illumiway, A multi use invention!
1: For anyone needing help to save your life in an emergency.
2: For everyone else, Lighting up your home or driveway at night.
Both may be sold as one unit, or we may sell them separately.
The 1st feature of Illumiway is helping to save your life in an emergency.

In your home, there would be a switch to turn on the red blinking light on your mailbox or on the front of your house in a life threatening situation, (burglary or health) to let the emergency vehicles know exactly where your house is, and so no one has to stand out by the road waiting for them to wave them down. That red blinking light would stay on until you or the person helping you turns it off.

You could also have Illumiway integrated in a necklace for the elderly to wear; if the button is pushed it will light up the red blinking light on your mailbox or on the front of your house to let everyone who sees it know you’re in trouble and in need of assistance immediately. It could also, if setup, dial 911 and/or one of your family members.

The 2nd feature of Illumiway is lighting up your driveway and/or your house at night.

Illumiway is a uniquely designed product that will assist a driver in finding a driveway at night. Applied to a roadside mailbox, offering the driver a better way to see a hidden or darkened driveway. Illumiway will allow visitors, and others who are unsure of a home's entryway to find the drive quickly and easily.

The product is made for application in a predetermined manner to a roadside mailbox or on the front of your house. A transmitter made for placement inside a vehicle will interact with the home based receiver. When you turn onto your road and get within 600ft from your mailbox, it will light up the lights on your mailbox. This will enable the driver to find the driveway quickly and easily.

When Illumiway starts to become more popular and everyone has one, when the light comes on on your mailbox the people behind you on the road will know where you are going to turn and which way you’re going to go. The light is battery operated. This means no wires to run from the house. Solar charger mounted on the unit will let the batteries charge during the day. These lights could be any color you choose except red, red is for emergency only.

You could have it illuminate your driveway, turn on a porch light and open your garage door all at the same time.

The Inventor of Illumiway
Thomas Labadie
Last updated 4-23-12


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