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If there's one thing on Earth man has sought after-since the dawn of time, it is the most comfortable shoe-comfort! Or best support for their feet, for extended walking comfort and support. Not since now, has man been ultimately surprised to find, at his feet!

The 'Polly-Wogg' Chambered-Air cushion shoe! Oh, there's been attempts to support the bodily-weight in shoes; but, now we have the 'Polly Wogg' shoe design. With its two chambered-air compression soled shoe. Simply speaking this is very self-explanatory when looking at the ultimate design of the sole itself. The diagram enclosed will speak for itself. I might add, that:

"The design works basically, on the premise, that the shifting of the weight of one's body, and the 'Heel to Toe' pressure.
...Transferring compression of trapped gas, or air within the sole of the shoe, from chamber to chamber!"

This is the secret behind the design of this shoe! New to the world of shoes, the body's weight actually does the work of transferring the back and forth motion, of foot and the corresponding trapped gas! Which in itself, is the cushion for the foot.

With hopefully a strengthened outer epidermal layer of a flexable soled shoe, i.e., rubber, or plastic or the like. Surrounding the air-chambers themselves. Thus, letting the gas-chambers last for some time! With a special reinforcing layer beneath, of a tougher rubber or whatever medium used. Running along the bottom of the sole. An extra protective tough layer beneath. (See Illustration)


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