Wobbli - Wallboard Cutout Tool Accessory

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Introducing the Wobbli - Hand Drill Powered Wallboard Outlet Cutout Tool - Needs Just Seconds to Cut an Exact Hole to Make Quick Work of Your Projects - Faster and Less Dust than any other method!

Contractors have lots to do to make your projects come to life. Having wallboard or sheetrock going up means it's getting closer to being done. They have to cutout the wallboard to expose the electrical sockets and switches, the Wobbli makes quick work of that. Some contractors use a small router bit, that makes a bunch of dust though. Others like the hand saw. It's nice, the blade end is tapered and very sharp and you can likely 'jam' it right through the wallboard to start the cut, then you have to orient it three more times to complete the cutout.

The Wobbli is much faster! Just attach your electric hammer drill, position the center pin and hold the Wobbli level with your free hand. The hit the drill and push. In just seconds your cutout is made. If you need to make it wider, just reposition the Wobbli to the side and make another cut.

Blades are made from Steel Rule die material. Steel rule dies cut cardboard boxes, light gauge plastics and metals as well. Never heard of steel rule blades? Of course you have, they cutout puzzles in all those weird shapes and many pieces! They are very sharp too!

Foam rubber inside will help eject the cut wallboard pieces, springs can be used too. The center pin is used to locate the Wobbli to make the cuts. A drill could also be used there.

A spirit level built into the Wobbli will assure your cuts are level, the Wobbli always makes the exact shape you need and fast!

Blades and Wobbli bases can be made to a variety of shapes to assist in all your wallboard cutting needs. The Wallboard Wobbli is just one suggestion.

Wobbli's can be made for use with Hammer drills or an eccentric or cam can be built into the Wobbli for use with a standard drill.

Snap in blade mounting assures quick blade changes and convenience.

Less dust and faster cuts, jobs go much quicker for you.

Less clean up for you.


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