Clean Sea, Safe Documents

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Currently, industrialized cities are implementing programs for waste separation. Although high costs are estimated for the selection process, the prisons have the possibility to become rehabilitation centers, intended to transform these institutions into clusters of production and selection of these materiales and stop being a burden on society.

The change must be radical. A shocking development program and really a transformer, which allows clean seas, rivers, sewers, and landfills, for processing different polymers, and turn them into "paper."

Paper secure, waterproof, weather resistant, unlike books, no fungi accumulate, and may even be flame retardant.

A product like this requires a truly visionary and progressive concept that can guide business and social leaders worldwide, with the aim of creating documents akin plastic, magnetic strips that can represent the same system electronic and physical file.

Today will be paper.

Tomorrow, a planet reforested, and with a prudent and sensible social organization.


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