AIRcable Smart Dimmer

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Introducing the AIRcable Smart Dimmer, a new in-wall light dimmer switch, designed with one driving criteria in mind: ease of use.

No complicated setup, unreliable powerline communication or wireless infrastructure is required to remotely control house lighting.

Ease Of Use Design

The AIRcable Smart Dimmer is elegantly designed with a standard deco rocker and tactile feedback. It is very easy to use by reducing the user interface to the absolute key essential functions.

- click the rocker and the light goes on or off
- click and hold the rocker to dim the light, changes direction when pressed again
- when the light is off, hold the button and it will start dimming from the lowest level

Most Modern Wireless Communication

The AIRcable Smart Dimmer features a wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) communication based on AIRcable’s newly certified BLE module. It transmits its status such as light level, temperature of the room and ambient light intensity. It can be configured and controlled wirelessly with e.g. an iPhone application.

The most useful external feature is the build-in night light. It is very bright and perfectly suited for dark hallways, kid rooms etc. Certainly the night light intensity can be configured from a mere location light to over 3000mcd intensity.

Modern Green Electronic

We implemented the most modern electronic for lighting controls featuring a inverse phase angle control with no EMI noise.

Its power supply circuit is built with the best efficient switching voltage converter available to allow very low power consumption and low losses. It does not even get warm inside, allowing us to build-in a temperature sensor for the room. In combination with modern LED lighting this light controller reduces the carbon footprint as well as the money you pay for electricity. There is also a timer function available to limit the time the light stays on.


There are several safety features build-in. The smooth IGBT switch detects over current and shorts and switches off the dimmer automatically. The user can also lift the rocker and switches off the power to the lights mechanically, no matter what settings.

We optimized the dimming software for LED lighting. Most standard LED light bulbs are therefore dimmed linear over the whole light intensity range.

Companion Switch For Multi-Way

The AIRcable Smart Dimmer most compelling feature shows when a 3-way or multi-way switch is required. We designed a completely wireless Companion Dimmer Switch with batteries that lasts for over 10 years. This allows installation of light switches anywhere without wiring.

Wireless Control

Configuring and controlling the Smart Dimmer wirelessly is easily done with the free iPhone application. No complicated setup or infrastructure (Wifi) is needed to communicate with all Smart Dimmers in the house. The overview screen immediately shows you which lights are on or off, even gives you the temperature of the room as well as the current lighting level. Users control each individual light as well as manage scenes for a group of lights and settings.


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