A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps

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Now scientific and technical progress in creating new constructional materials, energy saving technologies and in other areas of a science and techniques make modern discoveries (innovations) in the field of nanotechnologies and mechanical chemistry.

The important place in these technologies is represented to by means of destruction, decomposition and dispersion of various liquid substances. In particular, various kinds of pumps are concern these means, which course effectively decomposition and activation of working liquids.

A new generation of vibratory cavitation pumps based on theoretical and experimental ground has been developed and patented (US 8, 353, 689 B 2).

Three variants of the pump are designed to lift, move and mix liquids of wide range kinematic viscosity and chemical composition including extremely aggressive chemicals, viscous oils, lubricants, polymers, blends or other mixtures.

The essential and distinctive principle of the pump operation is in the important constructive changes which improve characteristics of the pump, diverse designs of the basic working body and expand the field of applications for the Vibratory Cavitation Technology. The pumps have sizes varying from portable devices to large size and are made of metallic, plastic or combined materials depending from on the working environment.

These unique functional capabilities enable the following special purpose applications:
1. Developing and manufacturing equipment on the vibratory cavitation principle.
i) In cardiovascular medicine as a tool to clean blood vessels.
ii) In hygiene as an effective and cheap hydraulic device to care of teeth.
iii) Manufacturing multi-purpose sprayers for sanitary handling people, animals, premises and etc. in cases of biological infections, chemical or radioactive contamination.
iv) In agriculture and gardening as powerful jet guns to water large areas of land or as a delicate sprayer for personal needs.
v) In scientific labs as an auxiliary device for many applications.

2. Simultaneous mechano chemical and vibration effects produced by the  cavitation pump result in
i) Accelerating chemical reactions and miscibility between components in a mixture thus resulting in new materials that can’t be received with liquids regular mixing.
ii) An injection of hydrocarbon fuel or blends into combustion engines raises efficiency of combustion, increases power capacity,
iii) Preparation biologically active emulsion on the basis of organic oils and water in the medical purposes

Additional information: www.hightechvibration.com


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