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I worked hard out in the hot sun in Florida on my hands and knees laying out the house windows and doors. It became a problem with the paper blueprints kept tearing, and all my redline number getting smudged.This important size number from my door and window suppler is very important and I put those on my blueprints all the time and work.
My blueprints where getting destroyed after so many house layouts. I had to solve that paper from wearing out so fast. I came up with a blueprint saver folder and that took care of damaged blueprints.

The Product Description
Protecting work plans from the elements makes the Blueprint Protector a must have item.
I used to lay my plans on the blocks, floor, truck and then I'd roll them up and stick them on the dash or behind the seat, after a few days of using the blueprints they became no good.
So there I'd go again, starting all over re-doing my special notes in red! That's on my time to re-do them!! The boss doesn't care what's on your time, so I had to create a product that would save me time and energy. The solution became the Blueprint Protector.

Top is a clear see through vinyl cover.
Water proof top (rain or spills will not ruin plans)

The bottom is a strong lasting vinyl.
Business card holder.
You can roll up and lock with a Velcro strap
Nylon carrying handle that is easy to transport.



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