Bottle and Jar Opener

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Bottle and Jar Opener QT-1

Technical field of Invention

This Bottle and Jar Opener is an original tool used to open jars or bottles in a different way than any product found currently on the market.

The principle of this tool is based on the fact that inside any jar (bottle), there is a vacuum effect created when the jar (bottle) is sealed and the lid is held tightly in place by a friction force.

To break the tightness between the lid of the jar (bottle), the Jar Opener tool sharp Impact pin (9) creates an impact on the lid, removes the vacuum and cancels out its friction force and the lid should be turned open easily.


The various openers used since the invention of the jars or bottles have their functionality, reliability and usefulness over a large spectrum of ideas and variations.

When using these tools for a certain length of time, some stress and damage of the wrist joint occurs by twisting the lid that creates fatigue of the hands or even carpel tunnel syndrome.

This is just a simpler and better method to accomplish the same goal.

It is claimed as an original idea to help with the ergonomics and to win over the other existing tools, when repetitiveness becomes an issue. Evidently the low manufacturing cost plays an important role achieving the goal and it has an advantage over a majority of competitors in the field.


With only one push of a button, almost any type of lid for jars and bottles is decompressed and freely removed. The preferred embodiment is thermoplastic construction made by injection-molding process with an addition of the three springs and a locking pin Fig. 1 and 3.
The originality of the invention comes from the fact that never before this assembly has been put together in the same manner with a great advantage over the other tools.


QT-1 has to set in the middle, on top of the lid of a jar or bottle.

Pressing the top of Housing (1) with one’s palm, the Loading slide (8) will be pushing up the Ejector slide (6) that is hooked up around the Locking pin (4) . The spring (7) that is in tension will move down the Slide (8) to the initial lower level. The tension of the Spring B (5) has to be twice the tension of the Spring C (7).

Pressing the Button (2) the fork of the Ejector slide (6) is released from the Locking pin (4) and because of the tension from The spring (7), will move down all the way together with the Contact impact pin (9) that will impact and dent or pierce the lid, canceling the vacuum effect. Without any pressure and friction on the lid, this one can be rotated freely, removed and the jar (bottle) will be open easily.

Detailed drawings (3D and 2D) are available for purchase in any format, on three weeks notice for $3,500.


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