Oozy Eggs

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Oozy Eggs - The first scented bath toy that entertains, excites, teaches, and softens skin for kids!

Background of the Invention:

Children have always been notorious for avoiding bathing and spending any large amounts of time in the bath. They are quick to be done if there is nothing there to keep there active imaginations focused. Bath toys encourage children to simulate bath time as a good thing and playing with toys during bath time creates a whole new adventure.

A need exists for the convenience of a drop in type toy and bath soak for an enhanced and immediate entertainment for the child while bathing as well as an educational aspect for learning about the different creatures that inhabit the water.

A water soluble membrane comprising of a liquid soap or bath oils encapsulating a figurine or toy. The figurine or toy floats freely in the liquid soap or bath oils that have been fully encapsulated by a water soluble membrane that contains a clear or tinted in color, transparent liquid soap or bath oils. The water soluble membrane dissolves leaving a toy or figurine and bath bubbles or soak once it has been placed in the bath water.

The preferred embodiment of the invention consists of an outer water soluble membrane encapsulating a waterproof figurine, or toy which is suspended in a liquid soap or liquid bath oil that is transparent or tinted in color. The figurine or toy can be visible or concealed through the outer water soluble membrane. The membrane dissolves in water leaving the toy or figurine and the liquid soap for making bath bubbles or bath oils for a bath soak. Children will love watching the toy being released into the bath while bathing. The child can collect the different figurines or toys for further enjoyment in or out of the bath. The manufacturing process will be the same as a bath bead with an additional step of inserting the figurine or toy. It can also be manufactured using a water soluble capsule or water soluble bag.

1) Moms love how easy it is to simply drop an oozy egg into the bath.
2) Kids love the element of surprise not knowing what's inside.
3) Kids love the scent of their favorite candy while it dissolves.
4) Kids watch and wait anxiously for their surprise toy to hatch.
5) Kids will want to collect them all for play in and out of the bath.
6) Moms love the idea of it being 100 percent natural.


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    Robin Forgash
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    Salt water fishing, snowboarding, working out, my beautiful children
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    Having worked with children in my past and also being a mother of 6. I find solutions to make life easier when it involves children. I feel great knowing that they can learn from new ideas.
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