Microencapsulated Spices, Means, Method of Use and Manufacture

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Of major concern to food producers is the waste of costly spices and flavorings lost and non-recoverable during the manufacturing process. In the cooking/packaging processes spices/flavorings are sprayed onto products such as potato chips, corn chips or cookie-bars in liquified or aerosolized form. As a result as much as 32% of the spices/flavorings intended to be applied to the product is wasted. The result higher product cost for consumers and producers and lower quality finished products with shorter shelf-life. Our team has developed a novel delivery system comprising PCM's formed microcapsules or nanocapsules containing any desired substance/s which can be applied with controlled-release at any point in the manufacture process/line. The result is more thorough application of falvors/spices and any product not used is recoverable/re-usable.


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