Home Mixer Using a Vortex-Oscillationl Effect

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Mixer is one of the most popular kitchen appliances, and its main purpose - is to mix and churning in the home. A large number of designs mixers for use in the home. Basically it is mixers, creating fluid rotation using rotary working bodies various types.

However, the existing mixers have some serious drawbacks: they are short-lived, noisy, complicated in construction, etc.

For today, trend towards the increased use of medicinal and biologically active substances of plant origin is very pronounced. At home, people most often insist various teas and herbs.
For the extraction from these substances conventionally used in insisting hot or boiling water. However, it is known that at temperatures above 55 degrees, the biologically active substance die.

We propose to use found by us vortex-oscillatory effect (KNOW HOW) for mixing, crushing, extraction, speeding up the heat and mass transfer. Our vortex-oscillatory effect can perform these tasks much more efficient and economical as compared to the known analogues.

We have developed a method and device for simultaneously creating a vortex and oscillating motion of the medium. Due to this, our extractor combines the best advantages of the vortex mixing and vibrating devices. Despite the complexity of the physical processes occurring in a stirred medium, this mixer will be very simple and cheap. Such an effective device does not yet have in the world!

The main advantages of the vortex-oscillating mixer over analogues:
1. More extent and rate of grinding
2. Easy to service
3. Small energy costs per unit of cultivated medium
4. Compact and lighter weight
5. The reactor is not running
6. No release of gas from the reactor liquid to the outside
7. Cheapening of the process and improve product purity

Terms of R & D - 7 months. The cost of R & D – $ 320 000. The method of repayment - selling serial products. Profitability - 385%
Attachments are beginning to pay off with 13 months from the beginning of investment in research and development.
Profit after 3.5 years will be about $ 320 million.

See our presentation: http://www.vortexosc.com/images/pdf/Mixer.pdf


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