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A pen-sized smartphone equipped with a stick out rollable touch screen system may revolutionize the entire way that we communicate and utilize our multimedia devices (smartphone, tablets, pc etc). This could be the killer app of the next future.

Properly adapted to an ear-mounted multifunctional device (micro, speaker. cam, display), and connected to a wearable power generation system (PV films in the clothes and embedded batteries), it could allow maximum portability in minimum space for entire system, with a large size screen.

It would include speech-recognition and voice commands for most functions.


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    André Caminoa
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    Giorgio Gaviraghi
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    Reading. Research, Blogging
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    I am interested in explore the boundaries beyond traditional architecture, looking through the experimental architecture for extreme environment and more precisely interested in space architecture. I am a believer in the synergy of Art, Science and Technology.
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